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On Sat, 8 May 1999, Richie Ramos wrote:
> Hey Probe! I took a nice look at that Gundam Cow pic again, and
> using a bit of enhancement did determine that there seems to be a seam
> at the edges of the skirt, indicating that it's possible for the Cow's
> skirt to be modular, and therefore possible for it to do the Cow
> thingie. Unless, of course those are fake seamlines. But it don't
> look fake...I hope that's true...

Hey, I thought u said that the MS cow picture was a CG! You mean this is
a model pic after all? Wow! So it means that this Guncannon must have
an amazing hip, great wrists and a very flexible neck. If the head can
not face the way the cannons are pointing, it would be MS Kowtow.

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