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> On Mon, 3 May 1999 10:44:04 -0700 (MST) Prabal Nandy
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> >> Hey, maybe it's a prototype of that huge beam cannon in episode 2 of
> >> 0083?
> >
> > Hey! I don't quite remember that, can you describe it a bit to me
> again?
> It was that huge bazooka looking gun that South's second in command was
> using.
> He never actually got a chance to fire it because he got blasted by the
> Dom Tropen.
> It looks kind of like the bazooka that the GM [G] in 8MS carries, just
> that it is
> smooth bore (like a beam cannon) and has a bulkier back area that reminds
> you of a
> huge battery or something.

Actually it is a bazooka - the exact same type the MK-II uses in
episode 9(I think) on the moon. The Viz 0083 film comics gave me
a nice clear view of the gun and the MS Encylopedia (God, I love
that book!) had a sketch of the MK-II's bazooka. So it's not a beam
cannon ^_^

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