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> But the fact of the matter is, the Ball is based on a civilian chassis,
> and would never be a real front-line weapon.
> -Probe

Well don't make too sweeping a statement, Mobile Suits changed the
rules of battle as they were known at the time... But my Grandfather was
a Tank Destroyer in W.W.II and all they had was pickup truck with a big
gun in the back of it... By the same token, the really murderous brutes
in the war that could have won the war by slaughtering hordes of GMs
were not Mobile Suits, hell what kind of Mobile Suit was the Elmeth, no
real mobile suit technology there, the Psycommu could have been put
in the back of a Musai, with hordes of MS to protect it while Bits killed
as many Battleships as Char or any of the other Aces of the OYW...

I know for sure it should be cheaper to build bits than Zakus, and train
each Zaku's pilot... Besides losing Bits doesn't bother the Newtype as
much as losing a Zaku bothers the Zak pilot....

The Big Zam style I-Field could be moved into the Komusai bay of the
Musai in place of the shuttle, and give it a shield, its MS can stay behind.
You put enough of these Musai together and you have a damn tough line
for the Feds to get through. Yes space is 3D, and you have to fight in all
directions, but if someone tries to flank you, or get above behind or below
you the Bits should blast them to atoms...

well, its an idea.

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