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>> >Finally may I direct your attention to both wrists again. It's holding
>> Two possibilites, either a very well defined ball joint like the MS frame
>> system for the HG rxt8 and the Musha, or it has hinged wrists connected to
>> a stick or ball joint. Other than that, it must be one hell of a polycap
>> ball joint.
> It's most likely simply what they used on the Gundam Hydra, Griepe, and
>Gasaraki kits... a plastic hand with a ball-joint in the wrist. They look
>great, but fall out of the arm very easily.
> -Probe

        Hey Probe! I took a nice look at that Gundam Cow pic again, and using a
bit of enhancement did determine that there seems to be a seam at the edges
of the skirt, indicating that it's possible for the Cow's skirt to be
modular, and therefore possible for it to do the Cow thingie. Unless, of
course those are fake seamlines. But it don't look fake...I hope that's

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