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Rodrick writes,

>Interesting. If these I-Field emitting rings are what does the trick, that
>would explain the enormous energy requirement that Beam Rifle have. Minus
>those focus/acceleration rings on the barrel, and the energy requirement on
>the BSG is just the tiny amount require to trigger Minovsky particles
>condensation. Beam rifle would require the additional power to shape and
>manipulate the I-Fields.

  Exactly! The energy required to trigger mega particle formation is pretty
teensy - thanks to the E-cap, they're almost there already - but you still
need to kick in a lot of electrical juice to form the beam itself. Thus the
need for a relatively large generator to power the beam rifle.

>No wonder the Feds equipped GM with BSG, and reserve the Beam Rifle for the
>more specialized GM Sniper.

  Exactly. The standard GM just doesn't have enough juice to run a
fully-featured beam rifle. And the GM Sniper seen in 08th MS Team, unlike
later "sniper" models, doesn't have much of generator either, and - as per
Hobby Japan - requires an external electrical backup (presumably that would
be a battery box on the butt of its long-range beam rifle).

-- Mark

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