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> Cutaways of mega particle cannons and beam rifles always
> indicate that
> the barrel contains a series of focusing and acceleration
> rings (the lack
> of which gives the beam spray gun its shorter range).
> Obviously these can't
> be magnetic, since mega particles are electrically neutral.
> Any mechanism
> that could be used to focus and accelerate mega particles,
> however, should
> logically be able to diffuse, decelerate, and deflect them...
> Though I don't think it's ever been stated outright, my
> guess is that
> these rings use I-fields to "squeeze" the mega particles in
> the desired
> direction, just as the Big Zam's immensely more powerful
> I-field barrier
> deflects them outright. And, I suppose, the "beam diffusing
> ions" deployed
> by the attacking Federation forces at the Battle of Solomon
> scatter mega
> particles.

Interesting. If these I-Field emitting rings are what does the trick, that
would explain the enormous energy requirement that Beam Rifle have. Minus
those focus/acceleration rings on the barrel, and the energy requirement on
the BSG is just the tiny amount require to trigger Minovsky particles
condensation. Beam rifle would require the additional power to shape and
manipulate the I-Fields.

No wonder the Feds equipped GM with BSG, and reserve the Beam Rifle for the
more specialized GM Sniper.

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