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>> He was, but shipping it to Twycross, it got "lost in transit",
>modern day airline service. Kind of makes you wonder though. If even the
>Prince of the realm has his luggage misdirected, what do the common folk

        Their luggage gets to the destination. _They_ get misdirected.

        Honestly though most folks of FASA's 31st Century don't go off their
home planet.

>>Ilyana happened AFTER Twycross. Twycross was where IIRC Kai met Deirdre
>for the first time (and got rejected. =)
>No, not rejected yet. That happened afterwards at the party.

        Nope. The party happened first. Then the battle for Twycross, or
maybe I remembered the location of the party wrongly. The planet does have a
moon call Justice, I think.

>there are several people who swear that the Penetrator is the best thing
>since the Omnimech was created.
        It's a fine Mech in theory, but the IS weapons let it down.

>>the Ryoken had an Ultra 20...
>Basically a Clan version of the Yen-Lo-Wang. I wonder if they let him
>keep it.

        I see no reason why not.

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