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Rodrick Su writes,

>My small question is this: how do they managed to accelerate the particle
>on the rifle and cannon? From what the specs states, GM's beam spray gun is
>less effective even though they have the same e-cap technology as Gundam's
>beam rifle. Beam rifle got it's long distant effectiveness by having the MP
>stream be focused and accelerated, and the long barrel of the rifle and the
>barrel on the battleship beam cannon are use to accelerate the MP. How do
>they do this? Magnetic acceleration is completely out of the question,
>since you are trying to manipulate a electrically neutral particle.

  This one of the nagging mysteries of Minovsky physics. :-)

  Cutaways of mega particle cannons and beam rifles always indicate that
the barrel contains a series of focusing and acceleration rings (the lack
of which gives the beam spray gun its shorter range). Obviously these can't
be magnetic, since mega particles are electrically neutral. Any mechanism
that could be used to focus and accelerate mega particles, however, should
logically be able to diffuse, decelerate, and deflect them...

  Though I don't think it's ever been stated outright, my guess is that
these rings use I-fields to "squeeze" the mega particles in the desired
direction, just as the Big Zam's immensely more powerful I-field barrier
deflects them outright. And, I suppose, the "beam diffusing ions" deployed
by the attacking Federation forces at the Battle of Solomon scatter mega

>I know having a e-pack being accidentally hit by a beam weapon creates the
>unfortunately large explosion that will take out a MS. Has there been
>animated evidence whereby someone deliberately toss their e-pack and then
>shoot it to create a large explosion? Or how about e-pack based missile,
>where the package is nothing more than a e-pack, with a trigger to trigger
>Minovsky condensation.

  I don't know if the explosion is _really_ big enough to destroy a mobile
suit - we've seen people survive the explosion of their beam rifles if they
jump aide quickly enough. If the only way to guarantee destruction is to
hit them dead center, then you may as well be using a missile or regular
beam weapon, since a solid hit will kill them anyway.

  A larger question is the mobile suit reactor gambit, which _does_ produce
a big enough explosion to take out a mobile suit or even larger targets -
especially in F91 and V Gundam. Would a kamikaze mobile suit - essentially
a large reactor, some rockets, and a suicide beam saber to trigger a
reactor explosion - violate the Antarctic Treaty?

-- Mark

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