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in a burst of stream. With the particle being in a highly energized state,
the moment it hits anything, the energy needed to combine the 2 opposite
charged Minovsky particle. Since it's electrically neutral, magnetic field
does not deflect the MP, but I-Field generated by scattering Minovsky
particle does.

My small question is this: how do they managed to accelerate the particle
on the rifle and cannon? From what the specs states, GM's beam spray gun is
less effective even though they have the same e-cap technology as Gundam's
beam rifle. Beam rifle got it's long distant effectiveness by having the MP
stream be focused and accelerated, and the long barrel of the rifle and the
barrel on the battleship beam cannon are use to accelerate the MP. How do
they do this? Magnetic acceleration is completely out of the question,
since you are trying to manipulate a electrically neutral particle.

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