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>> Btw, are there any 1/144 or 1/100 kits which can be used to simulate
>>battletech stuff, so I can have a comparison kit to gundam? I know
>>teh macross stuff, but what about the Dougram and other stuff they used?
>Don't I wish. Unless you can find the old Revell Robotech model line, or
>the ARII
>Macross model lines, you're pretty much out of luck. You'd have to go
>with the
>minatures from the game.

        Hmmmm...I was able to get my hands on the 1/100 25th anniversary stuff and
arii stuff for macross destroids, as well as a transformable 1/100
Valkyrie...Are they really that small? Sheesh, gundams must be so Big!
and yet, since the SOC Mazinger is 1/144 by estimates, it turns out ot be
about as massive as the Ex-S! Those old guys must have been big.
        Btw, I think the old Voltes V toy is 1/100, from the sizes of the
cockpits...which means that the Voltes V is a big mean momma of a robot.
        Oh yeah, I've heard that Super Robot Spirit is out, a fighting game with
all the old guys like Voltes V and Mazinger, and they DO have the ultimate
        Anyway, the follow up question is: Which of the gundam kits are actually
FAITHFULLY to scale?

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