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> Mea Culpa! LOL! Yah, yah, I just reread the stuff, which is giving me
>further incentive to read them again. I think this time I will read
>in order, since it was so hard finding the durn books that I didn't get
>read them in order...Ah well, I'm not too much of an idiot to ignore the
>fact that I've gotten it wrong...Thanks for the correction.

No problems, many people get the Legend of Kai mixed up. I didn't know
what his
exploits were on Ilyana until a couple of months ago myself.

> Btw, are there any 1/144 or 1/100 kits which can be used to simulate
>battletech stuff, so I can have a comparison kit to gundam? I know
>teh macross stuff, but what about the Dougram and other stuff they used?

Don't I wish. Unless you can find the old Revell Robotech model line, or
the ARII
Macross model lines, you're pretty much out of luck. You'd have to go
with the
minatures from the game.

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