Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 6 May 1999 22:59:08 -0700 (MST)

> To do a decent cow, the thights has to flex more than 90 degrees, a big
> challenge for anything less than a PG. I am not really expecting this HG

  Well, I've heard it said repeatedly that this model will definately be
able to do the MS-Cow pose, though I wouldn't be surprised if this might
require swap-out plug-in parts like so many of the GWEWFA kits. That skirt
doesn't LOOK poseable to me, though it's possible.

> box art of the 1980 kit. The 1999 kit is really a lot more faithful to
> the 1980 art then the 1980 model itself!

  Yeah! I wish they'd done more of a 0080 GC-II job on it, but I'm still
too happy that they did the GC at all!

> I am mentally stripping it of the pro-paint job. It should still looks

  I wonder what colors it comes molded in...

> Finally may I direct your attention to both wrists again. It's holding
> the beam rifle in a very natural position with the gun point forward and

  And if you look closely, it also heralds the RETURN OF THE MOLDED
PLASTIC HANDS! The Turn-A kits seem to have the new cool detailed hands
too! The GC looks like its hand is 'built around' the gun, like the 8MST
and 0080 kits.
  Of course, the rifle looks a little wierd to me... Is this some sniper
version of the original Gundam rifle?

> Hey Probie, get over it! The Flat is decended from that Laputa thingy,
> mechanized (hurrah!), but NOT gundamized (thank the Force). There are
> already enough Gundam and Zeon MS variations to last a lifetime.

  Blah! It looks like a LM kit! It looks like it doesn't even have
polycaps! (Look closely at the elbows and the upper shoulders.) And I have
as yet to see what the damn thing _transforms_ into! Did you see the "high
heels" on this guy, right under its muppet feet?
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