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On Fri, 7 May 1999, Richie Ramos wrote:
> It looks great to me too...the skirts will have to be movable
> for it to go into cow position...I like the way it was
> reproportioned...has the feel of the old, but looks way better.

To do a decent cow, the thights has to flex more than 90 degrees, a big
challenge for anything less than a PG. I am not really expecting this HG
to do the cow. But if its flexible enough, I will pose it on its knees
firing from behind a low wall.

The reproportioning is very very subtle, I am looking at the model and the
box art of the 1980 kit. The 1999 kit is really a lot more faithful to
the 1980 art then the 1980 model itself!

I am mentally stripping it of the pro-paint job. It should still looks

Finally may I direct your attention to both wrists again. It's holding
the beam rifle in a very natural position with the gun point forward and
slightly down. It looks like it has enough wrist freedom to do a lot of
great pose with the gun, Hurrah!

Hey Probie, get over it! The Flat is decended from that Laputa thingy,
mechanized (hurrah!), but NOT gundamized (thank the Force). There are
already enough Gundam and Zeon MS variations to last a lifetime.

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