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> Please re-read that carefully. I said, "Bandai never used again _until_

        Opps! Sorry, for some reason, the phase that stuck to my brain is
"Bandai never used again."

> Right. Though to be honest, at least in the front-to-back dimension the
>ankle-block gives it a far greater range of motion than a ball-n-socket

        I would prefer not to have that big a range of motion front-to-back
and exchange that for side-to-side motion. I mean, it's not as if I want the
MS to play soccer! =P

>> feel the Command(o) looks better, though the 79[G] has its good points, like
>> the 100mm, the head joints... that's about it though. =)
> The GM-[G] is cool for its weapons, but in terms of quality it's nowhere
>near the GM-G model...

        True. It's a bit tacky, and the material feels a bit weird.. it just
don't have the solidity of the old kits, though some of the old kits were
pretty crappy too.

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