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>Even better. There are 1/144 die-cast toys that are just right as game
>pieces. I just got a Soltic HT-128 Bigfoot (Takara, #14 in their Dougram
>series) from Kimono My House. They may have some left.
>The Bigfoot is the original model for the BLR-1G Battlemaster. Others
>Combat Armors from Dougram that made it into BattleTech are:
>Dougram D7 Jakt Type = SHD-2H Shadowhawk
>Soltic H8 Roundfacer = GRF-1N Griffin
>Hasty F4X Ironfoot = TDR-5S Thunderbolt
>Abitate T-10C Blockhead = WVR-6R Wolverine

        COOLNESS! I think I will help myself to some of those!

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