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> number 11 to 16. Pics of the new guncannon and Flat (turn A)...

And the Zaku I, regular and Black Trinity (hohum)

Guncannon rocks! A great update of the classic! The beam rifle is a huge
improvement. Two concerns: the hip box (skirt) doesn't look movable, and
the visor seems like a sticker (as in 08MST) not a transparent part (as in
0080). Can't wait to get my MS Cow! Looks like they skipped the Core
Fighter too, not quite canonical, but doesn't bother me.

I officially come out of the closet and declare myself a Flat-fan, I like
Wadom too. The model is not as good as the sketch, but still good enough
in my books. Finally something that's a new design AND clean-looking.
Also look at the details under the arms, sweet! I like the long slim
proportions, very sensible in the Lunar gravity.

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