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>> It gets worse Alfred, and I can't really say if it gets better after
>> Hmmmm...are you watching the sub or the dub? because the way they explain
>> all the mystical hoodoo there is very different in sub and dub.
>Which version would you recommend and why?

        Hmmm, I like the dub in the sense htat I can understand it better without
having to switch my eyes from bottom of the screen to the main area, plus
the official dub is somewhat decent. The Sub is better in that all the
mystic stuff is said correctly....but I have to admit to seeing some
grammatical errors, and it does ruin for me the experience of watching
it....of course, there are some subs which don't do that, but in this case....

>> Admittedly, Akira is a thinking movie, but the boat scene in Ghost in the
>> Shell is a classical japanese style taken from their plays, I think, where
>> there is always a scene where the characters practically give the plot
>>'s very Japanese.
>Really? I wasn't aware of that habit. Do most anime movies/series do this?
>I'm no expert, I haven't seen hundreds of hours of anime so I'm just curious.
>I didn't notice that in the "Memories" box set, for example. Is it very
>Japanese but not so much in anime? I'll have to rewatch the anime I have and
>try and pick that out. It was most annoying in GitS, though.

        In Evangelion, for example, it happens whenever Ritsuko or Ikari or any of
the NERV people and or the Seele court are talking, dropping hints of this
and that. In the older stuff, it's whenever the badguys communicate with
the leaders, and a lot of spoilers get said. In Escaflowne, it happens a
lot with Folken whenever he talks to Isaac (who is based on a real life man
of science). It's just that GitS happens to really pour it on with that
damn boat scene; I agree with you, it is definitely clobbering you over the
head with a sledgehammer.
        In Macross, good ol' Dolza does it for you, along with the rest of the
Zentraedi whenever they talk about this inb a scene or that scene...MOst of
these events happen with a monitior nearby, or being stared into, for some

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