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On May 7, 8:10am, Richie Ramos wasted bandwidth discussing:

> It gets worse Alfred, and I can't really say if it gets better after
> Hmmmm...are you watching the sub or the dub? because the way they explain
> all the mystical hoodoo there is very different in sub and dub.

Which version would you recommend and why?

> Admittedly, Akira is a thinking movie, but the boat scene in Ghost in the
> Shell is a classical japanese style taken from their plays, I think, where
> there is always a scene where the characters practically give the plot
>'s very Japanese.

Really? I wasn't aware of that habit. Do most anime movies/series do this?
I'm no expert, I haven't seen hundreds of hours of anime so I'm just curious.
I didn't notice that in the "Memories" box set, for example. Is it very
Japanese but not so much in anime? I'll have to rewatch the anime I have and
try and pick that out. It was most annoying in GitS, though.


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