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Richie Ramos wrote:

> >> I didn't really notice Yoko Kanno's score. I guess it's hard to top the
> >> intrusive audio spectacle of Escaflowne. ;-)
> >Escaflowne's music blew me away, I have never heard anything so beautiful,
> so
> >powerful as Escaflowne's theme song.
> >Aaron
> Yah, it was so good I ended up buying all three cd's -- not a good thing
> to do, since they are all just basically the same stuff with a little new
> stuff here and there, and different version of songs, specifically the
> opening theme (really incredible), and the love theme "perfect world" which
> had great lyrics. I love escaflowne, almost as much as I love
> gundam....however, I wish that Studio Half-Eye transforming escaflowne
> wasn't so expensive....^%^%&^%*!
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I love that song too. Every time I hear it, it sends chills up my spine. I fell in
love with it, and the series the first time I ever saw the opening credits...

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