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>I don't know, it made sense to me, and I didn't do any research to
>any part of it. I guess it may be a difference in our education, reading
>habits, or the fact that I have no need for recreational drug use. Or it
>could be that I just don't take what I'm watching seriously enough to argue
>with seventh and eighth level subplots that have little real barring on the
>series as a whole (just good entertainment). Anyone who has actually
>to read the Old and New Testament of the Bible (The Old being the most
>informative), the Karan, and the Book of Mormon (which taking all for books
>as a whole are an excellent work of science fiction, in my opinion), one
>could easily understand the major plot lines and many of the smaller

        Aye, we have different ways of viewing the thing...understandably, one can
watch evangelion and ignore the second level/thirdlevel stuff, but that is
your way of watching it. As for the major plot lines and subplots, yes,
they are understandable, but I also like immersing myself in the background
of it, getting into the ambience of the series, as it were, same as I do
gundam, where I'd really like to know if there are halfway decent
explanations for Newtype powers and MS inner workings and Minovsky
particles, as well as the social implications of colony life and politics
thereof. I don't do this sort of in-depth research for all cartoons, but
I do it for the ones I love. Even if some of them are good for
merchandising only.
        Let's leave it at that. To each his own.

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