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>Personally I'd take a confusing ending ("2001" also comes to mind) over
>"Ghost In The Shell"'s brainhammering its 'what is a soul' philosophy at me
>over and over again. That whole scene on the boat was pointless. But, I
>the movie and I bought the books and the Playstation game so it's not like
>I wouldn't watch it again. "Akira" was more of a thinking movie. I'm only
>halfway or so through "Evangelion" and I can't wait to see how confusing it

        It gets worse Alfred, and I can't really say if it gets better after that.
 Hmmmm...are you watching the sub or the dub? because the way they explain
all the mystical hoodoo there is very different in sub and dub.
Admittedly, Akira is a thinking movie, but the boat scene in Ghost in the
Shell is a classical japanese style taken from their plays, I think, where
there is always a scene where the characters practically give the plot's very Japanese.

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