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> Yah, try watching the two end-OAV's. I have a feeling you have to be
> on something while watching that stuff before you can even get heads or
> tails out of it. I had to watch everything before that, read the synopses
> AND read up on even more stuff like the Sephiroticum to even get a little
> bit on that...and believe me, if you have to research that hard to
> understand a show like that, it just ain't worth it sometimes. That's why,
> for me, I like the stuff in Gundam, Gundam WIng, etc. MOst of the story is
> already can actually connect the dots without having to think
> at times....granted, I do like a thinkathon every now and then, but NOT FOR
> Don't get me wrong, I love evangelion, it's just that it is really
> and almost incomprehensible to someone who hasn't done the research...

I don't know, it made sense to me, and I didn't do any research to understand
any part of it. I guess it may be a difference in our education, reading
habits, or the fact that I have no need for recreational drug use. Or it
could be that I just don't take what I'm watching seriously enough to argue
with seventh and eighth level subplots that have little real barring on the
series as a whole (just good entertainment). Anyone who has actually bothered
to read the Old and New Testament of the Bible (The Old being the most
informative), the Karan, and the Book of Mormon (which taking all for books
as a whole are an excellent work of science fiction, in my opinion), one
could easily understand the major plot lines and many of the smaller subplots.

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