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> He was, but shipping it to Twycross, it got "lost in transit," so
> Victor loaned him a Hatchetman, which he promptly blew up in the
> Great Gash. Ilyana happened AFTER Twycross. Twycross was where
> IIRC Kai met Deirdre for the first time (and got rejected. =)

Okay, sure. Like I said, I'm going by memory on this one. I read these books
the week they hit the shelves, so it has been a few years.

> Not that the Penetrator was THAT good; other Mechs are better, but
> Kallon Industries offered the Penetrator for him to use in a Solaris
> Ishiyama match with him and Cox vs two of Ryan Steiner's Mechjocks.

Okay, sure. I'll go with that.

> Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) vs a Blue and White Stormcrow (Ryoken). But
> the Ryoken had an Ultra 20...

I wasn't sure on that one, which is why I originally said that I wasn't sure
on it.

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