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Thu, 6 May 1999 08:53:37 -0700 (MST)

> >have a rubber 'joint block' which Bandai never used again until G-Gundam,
> >after which Bandai NEVER used anything _else_ again! So the GM has the
> Actually, the principle of that knee block was reused in the 79[G],
> so you can't really say Bandai never used it again. The knee fairing,

  Please re-read that carefully. I said, "Bandai never used again _until_
G-Gundam, after which Bandai NEVER used anything else again"! I.e., the
double-jointed knee disappeared until it reappeared in GG and then became
the standard.

> > Yes, the Ankles DO have a polycap! At least, it's this wierd rubber
> My mistake, what I meant to say was it is not a ball-and-socket

  Right. Though to be honest, at least in the front-to-back dimension the
ankle-block gives it a far greater range of motion than a ball-n-socket

> design. Incidentally, the foot makes the MS looks like it's wearing sandals.

  Hey, that's a problem with the _original_ Gundam design!

> Sadly, yeah. As someone pointed out, the Command(o) is actually
> smaller than the 79[G], even though they are both at 18m. Nonetheless, I

  It is a pretty teeny kit, very true... Still not as teeny as the VG

> feel the Command(o) looks better, though the 79[G] has its good points, like
> the 100mm, the head joints... that's about it though. =)

  The GM-[G] is cool for its weapons, but in terms of quality it's nowhere
near the GM-G model...


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