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>5) Kai has continued to use other assorted mechs, including his dreaded
>in his fights against the Clans. If IRC, he doesn't want to lose the
>Yen-Lo-Wang again,
>as that is the only item he still has of his father.
>I don't have my copy of Prince of Havoc, so I don't remember what Kai
>at Strana Mechty.

        Mea Culpa! LOL! Yah, yah, I just reread the stuff, which is giving me
further incentive to read them again. I think this time I will read them
in order, since it was so hard finding the durn books that I didn't get to
read them in order...Ah well, I'm not too much of an idiot to ignore the
fact that I've gotten it wrong...Thanks for the correction.
        Btw, are there any 1/144 or 1/100 kits which can be used to simulate
battletech stuff, so I can have a comparison kit to gundam? I know about
teh macross stuff, but what about the Dougram and other stuff they used?

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