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> To beat a program is to find where it is weak, and work on
captitalising it's
>flaws. A show like Brain-Power'd could have captialized on Evangelion's
>exotic-to-nearly-incomprehendable plot structure by actually TYING in
>There are still "What the !*&! was that!" in large numbers in Evangelion.
>large numbers.

        Yah, try watching the two end-OAV's. I have a feeling you have to be high
on something while watching that stuff before you can even get heads or
tails out of it. I had to watch everything before that, read the synopses
AND read up on even more stuff like the Sephiroticum to even get a little
bit on that...and believe me, if you have to research that hard to
understand a show like that, it just ain't worth it sometimes. That's why,
for me, I like the stuff in Gundam, Gundam WIng, etc. MOst of the story is
already can actually connect the dots without having to think
at times....granted, I do like a thinkathon every now and then, but NOT FOR
        Don't get me wrong, I love evangelion, it's just that it is really weird.
and almost incomprehensible to someone who hasn't done the research...

> Tomino beat the Giant Robots in the late '70s by actually using a plot,
>characters, and making the robots something other than a marketing gimmic.
 To beat
>Anno's Evangelions, you need to find the chinks in the armor, not hammer
>with the AT Field.

        Yah! I think Tomino's Miyazaki-esques style for Turn-A might just do the
trick, if he handles it right. Not kidding guys, the more I think of it,
the more I like it as a series, unless it becomes like Miyazaki's "My
neighbor Totoro", in which case I'll need more mind-expanding drugs to
watch it...

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