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>> 1) Kai piloted the Hatchetman at Twycross. He lost said Hatchetman when
>> he blew it up to bury the Falcon Guards. Yen-Lo-Wang was still in transit
>> to Twycross from being refitted.
>Kai was present for the refit. So was his father, who had the refit done
>specifically for Kai to fight the Clans with.

        He was, but shipping it to Twycross, it got "lost in transit", so
Victor loaned him a Hatchetman, which he promptly blew up in the Great Gash.
Ilyana happened AFTER Twycross. Twycross was where IIRC Kai met Deirdre for
the first time (and got rejected. =)

>Yes, Kai saw the Penetrator as a superior BattleMech for waging war with the
>Clans, a role the Penetrator was design for.
        Not that the Penetrator was THAT good; other Mechs are better, but
Kallon Industries offered the Penetrator for him to use in a Solaris
Ishiyama match with him and Cox vs two of Ryan Steiner's Mechjocks.

>Trail of Refusal over the Clan invasion. In that battle, he uses a lighter
>mech that is very fast, but I am unable to remember which Mech the was. I

        Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) vs a Blue and White Stormcrow (Ryoken). But
the Ryoken had an Ultra 20...

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