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>flaps, so I think it's forgivable that they don't move too much... but the
>biggest problem is the lack of clearance for the upper thighs. The knees

        That was what I was refering to. Without the skirts, the legs
actually have a great amount of motion. Oh well.

>have a rubber 'joint block' which Bandai never used again until G-Gundam,
>after which Bandai NEVER used anything _else_ again! So the GM has the

        Actually, the principle of that knee block was reused in the 79[G],
so you can't really say Bandai never used it again. The knee fairing,
especially at the back, is a royal pain.

>> are NOT polycaps, and as a result you can't really bent the foot sideways.
> Yes, the Ankles DO have a polycap! At least, it's this wierd rubber

        My mistake, what I meant to say was it is not a ball-and-socket
design. Incidentally, the foot makes the MS looks like it's wearing sandals.

>is better than even some MG kits which are constrained by a ball-jointed
        The 79[G]'s ball-head gives it a lot of mobility, and I kinda like it.

> It's a kit that's DEFINATELY worth getting more than one or two of...
>it's a shame Bandai never made another GM kit ever again until the 8MST GM
>which can't hold a candle (literally) to this new GM!

        Sadly, yeah. As someone pointed out, the Command(o) is actually
smaller than the 79[G], even though they are both at 18m. Nonetheless, I
feel the Command(o) looks better, though the 79[G] has its good points, like
the 100mm, the head joints... that's about it though. =)

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