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>> I was wondering about MS fuel use. Is it only for the verniers, or does it
>> power the reacter itself, or are there two fuel systems?
>> Thanks
>> -James
>Excellent question. Realistically, fuel most be used for any form of thrust
>from verniers and standard thrusters, but neither really needs to use the
>same fuel. And even sustained fusion needs fuel, or it wouldn't be sustained
>for very long. If Mobile Suits used slush hydrogen as fuel, then it could
>realistically fuel all three needs (large amounts for thrusters, small
>amounts for verniers, and just a touch as needed for the reactor). This could
>also account for that really nuclear big explosion when a reactor is breached
>(Mono-Hydrogen is injected into a "normal" nuclear explosion to enhance it by
>many orders of magnitude, hence the Hydrogen Bomb). Water could also be used
>as fuel, since it is Hydrogen and oxygen in a nice non-explosive package.
Is this the Hydrogen from Jupiter? Did the Feds stop that supplyline?


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