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> Uhm, guy? You've got the order of events wrong.

Maybe. I was just writing what I remembered off the top of my head, which I
indicated in my post, so I may be off on a subject or two, but for the most
part I should be right on the money. I may still be off a bit, but I'm pretty
sure about the Yin-Lo-Wang's history.

> 1) Kai piloted the Hatchetman at Twycross. He lost said Hatchetman when
> he blew it up to bury the Falcon Guards. Yen-Lo-Wang was still in transit
> Twycross from being refitted.

Kai was present for the refit. So was his father, who had the refit done
specifically for Kai to fight the Clans with.

If I remember correctly, Kai piloted a Hatchetman because he was dispossessed
when he ask Victor for a Mech to pilot. He was dispossessed because Twycross
was after he escaped Ilyana with Deirdre Lyre. On Twycross, he had just
recused the good Doctor Lyre from a clan attack on her field hospital with
his Hatchetman when he was lead to the pass that Victor had prepped with
explosives in order to ambush the Falcon Guard. When confronted by the
Falcons earlier than expected, Kai challenged the entire Falcon Guard to one
to one combat for procession of the pass. All the while, he had instructed
Deirdre to remove the reactor control boards from a computer bank behind his
command chair. When the reactor went critical, he launched the Hatchetman's
head beyond the pass. The Hatchetman exploded, causing the unstable
explosives in the cliff faces to explode as well. The entire Falcon Guard was

> 2) Kai lost the Yen-Lo-Wang when he rescued Prince Victor on Ilyana. He
> took out a Jade Falcon Star, then rammed another JF mech off of a cliff.
> Yen-Lo-Wang was sunk in over 1000 feet of water.

Yes, Kai met Deirdre on Ilyana while he was trying to dodge capture. They
were caught anyway, and given over to Comstar. Kai effected an escape, and
later helped the Jade Falcons in taking out the Comstar presents on Ilyana.
The Falcons helped Kai and Deirdre leave Ilyana as repayment for their help.

> 3) The Jade Falcons recovered YLW for him as a parting gift after he
> helped retake Ilyana from Comstar.

Yes, they had already salvaged the Gauss Rifle for use as a battering ram, so
it wasn't all that hard to salvage the rest of the Yin-Lo-Wang, after the
dust settled.

> 4) While he did use the Yen-Lo-Wang to gain the Championship, he used a
> prototype Penetrator in other defenses.

Yes, Kai saw the Penetrator as a superior BattleMech for waging war with the
Clans, a role the Penetrator was design for.

> 5) Kai has continued to use other assorted mechs, including his dreaded
> Penetrator in his fights against the Clans. If IRC, he doesn't want to
lose the
> Yen-Lo-Wang again, as that is the only item he still has of his father.

Yes, and he continued to use the Penetrator until he fights Vlad Ward in a
Trail of Refusal over the Clan invasion. In that battle, he uses a lighter
mech that is very fast, but I am unable to remember which Mech the was. I
think it was a clan Ice Ferret (or Fenris), but I'm not sure. He goes up
against Vlad, who's in a Timber Wolf (Madcat to all those Mechwarrior buffs),
and manages to bring to battle to a draw.

> I don't have my copy of Prince of Havoc, so I don't remember what Kai
> piloted
> at Strana Mechty.

That's okay. I should probably reread them myself.

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