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> I was wondering about MS fuel use. Is it only for the verniers, or does it
> power the reacter itself, or are there two fuel systems?
> Thanks
> -James

Excellent question. Realistically, fuel most be used for any form of thrust
from verniers and standard thrusters, but neither really needs to use the
same fuel. And even sustained fusion needs fuel, or it wouldn't be sustained
for very long. If Mobile Suits used slush hydrogen as fuel, then it could
realistically fuel all three needs (large amounts for thrusters, small
amounts for verniers, and just a touch as needed for the reactor). This could
also account for that really nuclear big explosion when a reactor is breached
(Mono-Hydrogen is injected into a "normal" nuclear explosion to enhance it by
many orders of magnitude, hence the Hydrogen Bomb). Water could also be used
as fuel, since it is Hydrogen and oxygen in a nice non-explosive package.

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