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On Wed, 05 May 1999 20:45:29 +0800 Richie Ramos <gaijin@i-manila.com.ph>
>>Justin had those blades
>>removed at some point before he had Yin-Lo-Wang prepped for Kai's use
in the
>>war with the clans. That prepping involved replacing the old Pontiac
with a
>>new Gauss Rifle and two rear facing medium lasers. Kai lost the
>>in an offensive against the Jade Falcons. He later pilots a Hatchetman
>>battle of Twycross, and then an assortment of light and medium mechs
>>the Yin-Lo-Wang is salvaged. Then He used it on Solaris VII as the
>>stone of his Cenograph stable. he didn't bring Yin-Lo-Wang with him in
>>operation Bulldog (or was that Dagger?) were the Inner Sphere took the
war to
>>the clans and annihilated the clan Smoke Jaguar. I'm currently reading
>>Threads of Ambition, which involves Sun-Tzu Liao's drive to reclaim the
>>Ives Compact. I expect Kai to show up in a Black Knight, though, if I
>>remember correctly the BattleMech he is currently piloting. Although,
>>fielding the mighty Yin-Lo-Wang would be somewhat appropriate.
> Ah! okay, thanks for that info...a fellow Battletech lover! I bow to
>superior research...I admit to mixing up Justin and Kai's exploits...of
>course, saying that to Kai's face would be an interesting thing at this

Uhm, guy? You've got the order of events wrong.
1) Kai piloted the Hatchetman at Twycross. He lost said Hatchetman when
blew it up to bury the Falcon Guards. Yen-Lo-Wang was still in transit to
from being refitted.
2) Kai lost the Yen-Lo-Wang when he rescued Prince Victor on Ilyana. He
took out
a Jade Falcon Star, then rammed another JF mech off of a cliff.
Yen-Lo-Wang was sunk
in over 1000 feet of water.
3) The Jade Falcons recovered YLW for him as a parting gift after he
helped retake
Ilyana from Comstar.
4) While he did use the Yen-Lo-Wang to gain the Championship, he used a
Penetrator in other defenses.
5) Kai has continued to use other assorted mechs, including his dreaded
in his fights against the Clans. If IRC, he doesn't want to lose the
Yen-Lo-Wang again,
as that is the only item he still has of his father.

I don't have my copy of Prince of Havoc, so I don't remember what Kai
at Strana Mechty.

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