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>> > Definately sounds like it! But why the hell would a GM be carrying one
>> > of THOSE around? Oh yeah, real useful buddy.
>> Dunno, I guess the poor guy lost some bet and had to walk around
>> carrying that thing, this is the *only* rational explanation I can think
> Heh... given how rational 8MST is at times that explanation actually
>makes some twisted sense. Poor GM.
>"Sheeet Captain! What am I supposed to do with this freakin' Ball on a
>chain? We've got a giant Mobile Monster out there with the belly-button
>lint cannon from HELL and all I got is a stupid spiked ball! Where am I
>supposed to put this, eh? (Swing swing) What am I supposed to do with this
>thing, bash him on the toes until he laughs to death?"

Wouldn't it've been ironic if it'd been the GM with the hyper hammer that
took out the Apsaras III, like David and Goliath?

Spin that sucker up to half the speed of sound and let fly like Thor's
hammer, right smack dab into the cockpit....


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