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Probe writes,

> Makes some sense, as it should be... how does this fit in with Delaz's
>use of a roughly, what, 50-50 mix of Zakus and Doms? He was part of a
>second line guard unit wasn't he?

  Delaz's forces have about a three-to-one mix in favor of Zakus, but he
was ostensibly part of the Zeon home guard and wouldn't have seen battle
prior to A Bao A Qu. Since Delaz's forces are survivors of A Bao A Qu, it
makes sense that their mobile suit mix should reflect that of the battle in

> Right, but since the home-fleet isn't on the front lines, I'm just
>wondering if that means they got the best equipment, or that they got
>whatever could be spared _from_ the front lines. I guess, in the end I'm
>wondering if Delaz used so many Zakus more because of the 0083 writing
>team's nostalgia for the old series or because it actually made some kind
>of sense.

  I'd think it would make sense. Aside from the A Bao A Qu mix factor cited
above, there's little reason to throw a lot of shiny new hardware at your
last line of defense, while allowing your front lines to crumble for lack
of decent equipment. This would account for the mobile suit mix seen at A
Bao A Qu, where obsolete Zaku Is rub shoulders with Gelgoogs fresh off the
assembly lines.

> I'm a little surprised that the Jions didn't do something dumb like halt
>Dom production while waiting to gear up with Gelgoogs right after the G's
>came out!

  Perhaps that's why the Gelgoog was produced only at A Bao A Qu, while
Granada kept cranking out Rick Doms - to avoid a couple of weeks of lost
production while they switched from one type to another...

> I wonder if they figgered that the smaller-sized Zaku was simply more
>nimble and a smaller target than the Doms, and would more than make up for
>its slightly lacking performance... It's like an ace pilot sticking with
>his F-14 when the F-18s' come out. Maybe it's not quite as good, but you
>KNOW its stregnths and weaknesses better than the F-18 pilots know their
>green machines.

  Very likely so. The Rick Dom is slightly better than the R-1 Zaku - and
close enough to the costlier, hard-to-produce R-2 that it was chosen for
mass production instead - but in order to pull a pilot back from the front
lines, train them for a couple of weeks, and then send them out in a
machine with which they're still unfamiliar, you'd probably want to wait
until you can give them a very large performance increase.

  In other words, you'd probably want to upgrade your mobile suit every
_other_ generation, going from an R-1 Zaku to a Gelgoog, or a stock Zaku to
a Rick Dom, but not from an R-1 to a Rick Dom. Gato provides an example of
a pilot who went from a Rick Dom to a Gelgoog - but I can't think of any

-- Mark

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