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> > Base returns to space - both Kishiria's and Dozul's forces
> are using Rick
> > Doms almost exclusively. About halfway through the battle
> of Solomon, you
> > start seeing Zakus thrown into the fray to defend the base,
> but overall
> > the Rick Doms still outnumber them by about two to one.
> Overall, it seems
> > like the front-line space forces have been entirely
> replaced by Rick Doms.
> Makes some sense, as it should be... how does this fit in
> with Delaz's
> use of a roughly, what, 50-50 mix of Zakus and Doms? He was part of a
> second line guard unit wasn't he?

Delaz is part of the Home Fleet, based in A Bao A Qu, part of Giren's
personal powerbase.

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