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 I agree. To see it TRULY the way Lucas wants it, see the DIGITAL version of
 TMP in July.
 That new video with the choir is great...this movie really looks
 like its going to be able to establish its own uniqueness despite
 the expectations made based on parts 4,5,6.
 Mark Kai >>

What I have decided is that people should go to The Phantom Menace to have
fun, not to see THE MOVIE OF THE DECADE. Then if it turns out to really be
the best movie of the decade you will come away really impressed. But if you
come at it with a lot of expectations (as with The X-Files Movie, Turn A
Gundam, etc.) then you will be looking for something unattainable, total
perfection. Before we new much about the plot for Turn A, EVERYONE on the
list thought it would truly be the Ultimate Gundam show. We built all of
these preconceived notions that were eventually shattered. The problem now
is that even if we eventually see the whole series, we will still be
dissappointed because it isn't the UC RETURN OF CHAR AND AMURO MEGA EPIC that
we really wanted. So I guess what I am saying is just enjoy Phantom Menace.
Let's not nitpick it when it comes out. Sorry for the Semi OT Rambling.
(only semi OT because Gundam was mentioned)

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