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> Base returns to space - both Kishiria's and Dozul's forces are using Rick
> Doms almost exclusively. About halfway through the battle of Solomon, you
> start seeing Zakus thrown into the fray to defend the base, but overall
> the Rick Doms still outnumber them by about two to one. Overall, it seems
> like the front-line space forces have been entirely replaced by Rick Doms.

  Makes some sense, as it should be... how does this fit in with Delaz's
use of a roughly, what, 50-50 mix of Zakus and Doms? He was part of a
second line guard unit wasn't he?

> that's all the Zeons were making. I'd guess the total of Doms and Rick
> Doms at somewhere around a thousand-plus. Compare against the Gelgoog, of
> which some 165 were sent into combat.
  Not too shabby for a stopgap MS!
  I'm a little surprised that the Jions didn't do something dumb like halt
Dom production while waiting to gear up with Gelgoogs right after the G's
came out!

> >probably the bulk of their pilots were still stuck with their old Zakus.
> Not to mention that, if the old MSV books are to be believed, the
> performance difference between the R type Zaku and the Rick Dom wasn't
> big enough for pilots to bother switching. Aces like Masaya Nakagawa,
> Eric Mansfield, and Shin Matsunaga continued using their R-type Zakus
> after the Rick Dom was introduced, and probably would have kept using
> them until Gelgoogs were readily available.

  I wonder if they figgered that the smaller-sized Zaku was simply more
nimble and a smaller target than the Doms, and would more than make up for
its slightly lacking performance... It's like an ace pilot sticking with
his F-14 when the F-18s' come out. Maybe it's not quite as good, but you
KNOW its stregnths and weaknesses better than the F-18 pilots know their
green machines.


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