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Wed, 5 May 1999 10:36:26 -0700 (MST)

> really put off by Quess. =)

  Seems like everyone is!

> I just completed the RGM-79G Command(o) from 0080. Good kit. I can
> see why Probe like to call it a Commando, it does look, well, Commando-ish.

  Yeah! That's gotta be one of the most dynamic Federation models ever,
that thing always looks ready for action, ready to kick Zeon TAIL!

> It's one of the few kits that can actually pose with both gun and shield
> (the other that I like being F91's Heavy Gun) and look good at it.. =)

  Right, and part of the reason is the superb arm articulation, but the
tilting wrist (which only the PERFECT GRADE Zaku achieves again in Gundam)
makes it able to pose with weapon in some of the most realistic manners
ever! Very cool... and its saber-fighting poses are just too great, like a

> The arms of the kit deserve special mention. The design is so
> simple, yet still offer so much freedom. You can even make the MS do

  Yes, it's got the hands-down best arm-articulation of ANY 1/144 kit and
probably as good as or better than most MGs too!

> push-ups! (^_^) A major problem is that once you push the halves together,
> it's difficult to seperate the parts again.. I shaved an elbow polycap a mm
> too much, and resulted in a loose arm.. I had to break the arm to add

  Well, that's not really a 'major problem', so long as you don't screw up
assembly! (Laughs) seriously, most gundam kits are difficult to pry open
once you've assembled it, but the GM design itself has very thin arms
which makes it doubly difficult.

> If the arms are the high point, the legs are the dregs. Little
> mobility at the knees makes it irritating, and the lousy skirt armour means
> the legs can only pivot in a limited fashion at the hips. The ankle joints

 Well, it's one of the first kits to have really nicely articulated skirt
flaps, so I think it's forgivable that they don't move too much... but the
biggest problem is the lack of clearance for the upper thighs. The knees
have a rubber 'joint block' which Bandai never used again until G-Gundam,
after which Bandai NEVER used anything _else_ again! So the GM has the
distinction of setting the pace for all Gundam Kits in the future.
Unfortunately, there's too much joint-fairing detail, and that hurts
  However, I think you can cut-away some of the fairing in the back to
improve the articulation and degree of motion!

> are NOT polycaps, and as a result you can't really bent the foot sideways.

  Yes, the Ankles DO have a polycap! At least, it's this wierd rubber
block thing in the 'Achille's Heel' part of the robot that the foot plugs
in to. You can bend the foot sideways a bit, but you need to trim down the
ankle armor so it can go over the leg a bit before you get enough
clearance to do so...

> Interestingly, you can flip the foot 90 degrees backwards, so that it's
> parallel to the leg itself. =)

  Yeah, no other gundam kit can do that! Of course, I'm not sure why you'd
want to. Actually, I think the Griepe can do that now that I think about

> (talking of feet, how many MS have thrusters in the bottom of the
> foot? This one seems to have them..)

  Most of the original MSG ones do, but it's notable that the teeny little
1/144 GM-G kits from 0080 have more detail under the foot than some MASTER
GRADE kits!

> Torso design is simple, but elegant. The upper torso movement is

  Very beautiful, definately worthy of a MG kit or two.

> restricted to about 90 degree, but that's okay. Head is a problem, since the
> high neck armour blocks movement side to side, and there's practically no
> mobility up and down. The nice thing about the head is the green plastic

  Now, if you shift the head up just a little on the peg he gets decent
head mobility, maybe +/- 40 degrees or so, not too shabby. My GM also has
no problem looking up about 20 degrees or so after shifting it up.. which
is better than even some MG kits which are constrained by a ball-jointed

> crystal that comes in the kit. Mine had a bubble right in the centre of the
> crystal, making it look like the camera is right there.. added bonus! (^_^).

  That's deliberate!
  Bandai did that with all the GM visors, it's a very very cool effect!

> Overall, this is a very nice kit, and can be built without
> repainting at all, since the colours that it's moulded in is very nice
> (Black with Cream...=) Good shield design, nice gun (at least the front
> half.. the back look like something you clobber people with) and all that.
> Worth my money!

  It's a kit that's DEFINATELY worth getting more than one or two of...
it's a shame Bandai never made another GM kit ever again until the 8MST GM
which can't hold a candle (literally) to this new GM!

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