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Lim Jyue writes,

> I was under the impression that Krishna was holding a bunch of R/Dom
>and doling them out to her people, and even then she didn't had a lot.

  Actually, by the last month of the war - December 0079, when the White
Base returns to space - both Kishiria's and Dozul's forces are using Rick
Doms almost exclusively. About halfway through the battle of Solomon, you
start seeing Zakus thrown into the fray to defend the base, but overall
the Rick Doms still outnumber them by about two to one. Overall, it seems
like the front-line space forces have been entirely replaced by Rick Doms.

>What were the production figures for Dom like?

  Unclear. Given its late introduction, it's impossible for the Dom to
match the record production run of the Zaku II (variously given as
anywhere from 3200 to 8000), but for the last two months of the war
that's all the Zeons were making. I'd guess the total of Doms and Rick
Doms at somewhere around a thousand-plus. Compare against the Gelgoog, of
which some 165 were sent into combat.

> Imagine a senario where the Zeon won the OYW, then disintergrates..
>we'll have Krishna's New Type Unit on one side, with R/Doms and, maybe, just
>maybe, a few MA. Then there's the original Zeon, with Gelgoogs and whatever
>else they were designing.. Then you will have the remains of the EFSF, with
>their Gundams and GMs, hitting and running, plus freebooters. Sounds like a
>fun place to be. =)

  Actually, you can get just this scenario in the game Giren's Greed.
Though they give Kishiria's faction RegGelgs as well...

And Probe mentions,

> The fact of the matter is that there were far more 1YW Zakus than
>anything else, so even when the Zeons were producing Doms and Googs,
>probably the bulk of their pilots were still stuck with their old Zakus.

  Not to mention that, if the old MSV books are to be believed, the
performance difference between the R type Zaku and the Rick Dom wasn't
big enough for pilots to bother switching. Aces like Masaya Nakagawa,
Eric Mansfield, and Shin Matsunaga continued using their R-type Zakus
after the Rick Dom was introduced, and probably would have kept using
them until Gelgoogs were readily available.

-- Mark

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