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<< > Just remember that Crossbones Vanguard ace Zabine Chareaux does bear a
> resemblance to the legendary Red Comet of Zeon...
   I did notice that, but I attributed that to character designer Yoshikazu
 Yasuhiko doing a rush job for the F-91 movie, plus the fact that he tends to
 have "stock" characters to play the roles for which they're designed. I
 don't assign anything to canon unless it is explicitly stated thus (hence, a
 real good character dictionary is needed). >>

NOw Wait a second here. Are you trying to blindly ignore the fact that every
Gundam series must have a Char Clone. tell me when you see that Zechs guy
from GW, especially with his helmet on, or that Zabine guy, or Gato(Rade,
haha), or etc. etc. you don't automatically recognize them for the Char clone
that they are. That is reallly what Tomino is trying to break away from
with Turn A. The repetetive Char/Amuro Clone syndrome.

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