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>> > It would be pretty hilarious, and frankly I was almost expecting it at
>> So did I, I can't see the point of using a Zaku head except for design's
>> sake, I mean the Zaku II isn't equipped with state of the art sensors
> That's right, a matter of fact, it would have been neat if the Asparas
>was doomed because it couldn't hardly see properly... It seems like it
>would be trivially easy to sneak up behind!

        Heheheh, what would have been worse is if the durn thing was an MA suit
for a zaku MS. UGH, shades of the dendrobium. Of course, why one will use
a zaku for a central unit...can be explained if the guy is the same one
that designed the Zakurello! LOL!

> Yow!
> Hey, isn't this the first time we've seen a _blue_ beam? Beam blasts in
>Gundam seem to be usually yellowish or something. Is it possible that this
>is actually a _laser_ weapon? It could explain the continuous beam as well
>as the power-lifetime and range!

        Uhm, can a laser actually do that much damege in the short span of time?

>> > And where where all those happy Guerrila fighters during this battle
>> Dunno, didn't see any of them but I think they were dealt with in
>> previous episodes. I definitely have to get back 9 and 10.
> Maybe they all got vaped?

        Or turned into chunky red salsa under some MS's foot.

> Heh heh heh... oh boy, I hope not, or the next Gundam series will be
>"Gundam: Metallica Mutant Metal Musician Mayhem Madness" Featuring five
>wacky gundams with giant metal guitars that transform into beam rifles.
>Actually, after Turn-A I'd believe almost anything.

        Hey, be careful what you say...remember Macross 7 and a few others? Or
GaoGaiGar? there are some robots with musical instruments out there, or
pilots who use them, like that Silverhawks guy. Or Super Boing. lol!

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