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> Well, most of the Jion mechs were probably either destroyed or melted
>down for scrap after the 1YW, though some derelicts apparently fall to the
>Oldsmobile Whackos years later.
> GMs were retrofitted, rebuilt, and reused for MANY years after the war,
>probably until they started dropping dead from age... those were durable
>dependable robots, like the F-4 fighter from RL.

        Sounds plausible enough...

> Well, nobody in Gundam seems to have a legitimate private army, and I
>figger that most of the construction work is done with the junior and
>medium mobile suits. After all, there isn't too much cause or need for a
>60 foot tall piece of construction machinery.
> My bet is that most of the Federal Forces MS ended up just like most of
>the US's decomissioned aircraft and tanks, i.e., standing out in the
>Tucson Arizona sun south of town in the military graveyard.
> After all, how many decommissioned M-60 tanks do you see riding around
>as backhoes or steamshovels?

        Actually, I have anohter question..would the various factions within the
feds and the Jions and the jupiter fleet and all that be considered as
something akin to private factions? also, since I am not really up to
snuff on the tech part, did these different factions develop exclusive use
stuff, aside from the obvious MA's and prototypes?

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