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>> Once again, white glue is the answer...alternatively, you can get the Wave
>> stuff on HLJ's Sci-fi accessories area...
>Thanks for the info. What parts are you talking about, hands? I have looked
>through that section, but didn't realize they had parts to fix this. So, all
>I do is use white glue in the finger joints?

        Hmmm...if I rmemeber correctly, they sell actual hands and other such in
interesting poses...or am I wrong again...i seem to remember them even
being specific as to whether it was stick or ball end for the wrist...I
dunno what scale it is though.
        As for the white glue, then yes, you use it judiciously on some of the
joints to achieve stiffness, then, if you want to change it, just apply a
little water to soften the glue then presto, it is off...

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