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>Justin had those blades
>removed at some point before he had Yin-Lo-Wang prepped for Kai's use in the
>war with the clans. That prepping involved replacing the old Pontiac with a
>new Gauss Rifle and two rear facing medium lasers. Kai lost the Yin-Lo-Wang
>in an offensive against the Jade Falcons. He later pilots a Hatchetman in
>battle of Twycross, and then an assortment of light and medium mechs until
>the Yin-Lo-Wang is salvaged. Then He used it on Solaris VII as the corner
>stone of his Cenograph stable. he didn't bring Yin-Lo-Wang with him in
>operation Bulldog (or was that Dagger?) were the Inner Sphere took the war
>the clans and annihilated the clan Smoke Jaguar. I'm currently reading
>Threads of Ambition, which involves Sun-Tzu Liao's drive to reclaim the St.
>Ives Compact. I expect Kai to show up in a Black Knight, though, if I
>remember correctly the BattleMech he is currently piloting. Although,
>fielding the mighty Yin-Lo-Wang would be somewhat appropriate.

        Ah! okay, thanks for that info...a fellow Battletech lover! I bow to the
superior research...I admit to mixing up Justin and Kai's exploits...of
course, saying that to Kai's face would be an interesting thing at this

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