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Wed, 5 May 1999 00:49:02 -0700

    Although I am a bit late on this information, but according to the
Playstation game Zeta Gundam's manual, it listed that Char "took" Mineva in
0088.02 (Feb of UC 0088, I guess). For those of you who are not really
familiar to the Zeta timeline, the final battle in Zeta took place in
0088.2.22. This confirmed my belief that the Mineva that appear in ZZ is
really a "dummy" (you can tell something is wrong when they even changed the
name from Axis to Neo Jion!). What we doesn't know is that if Char "took"
Mineva before the final battle in Zeta or before that, since the timeline in
the manual didn't say...

Edmund Chiu

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