Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 4 May 1999 23:23:09 -0700 (MST)

> > Well, it's exactly the same except Quess also gets a big beam-gatling
> ALSO? Someone else described the kits to me, he didn't mention Quess get
> the beam rifle that Gyunei gets.
  Yep, she gets an extra sprue with the extra gun.

> > but both kits have lousy articulation and need alot of paint to look
> ALOT OF PAINT? Are you talking about a complete paint job? If I had to
> do a complete paint, I might as well pick the model based on gimmicks,
> right?

  Yeah, well, my problen with the JDs is that they are molded in GARISH
colors, either bright yellow and blue-green or cherry red and
whitish-grey... unlike the Guerra Doga or Nu-Gundam they look shockingly
toy-like without complete repaints. Also their elbow joints suck and some
of the detailing is sub-standard. For CCA-era, they were okay, for
today-tek, they're not so hot.

> So the shoulders are bad (so it can't do a crucifix?), the skirt armors
> are weird (it can't sit but can bend over backward?). The colors are off.
> But overall, how do you like them?

  Well, the shoulder is restricted, the elbows only move in 1-D, the Skirt
is fixed so you have little leg motion, the colors are garish, the
detailing is lacking in places, the model is alternately square and blocky
and curvy and organic (the style is screwed up compared to the line-art)
it's almost impossible to put them in a cool gun-carrying pose, and the
'floating monoeye' is kinda corny... other than that, they're okay.


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