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> > > less this MA's weak point since the GM Sniper actually destroys one of
> > > them (and there's some greenish explosion, I couldn't figure that one).
> > Greenish explosion?
> It's more like green fumes in fact, it's followed by a "regular"

  Well, from what MS says it sounds like those "Green Fumes" may be in
fact particles from the M-Craft system!

> > It would be pretty hilarious, and frankly I was almost expecting it at
> So did I, I can't see the point of using a Zaku head except for design's
> sake, I mean the Zaku II isn't equipped with state of the art sensors

  That's right, a matter of fact, it would have been neat if the Asparas
was doomed because it couldn't hardly see properly... It seems like it
would be trivially easy to sneak up behind!

> Well, I checked again and in fact, the beam used to melt the EZ8's left
> arm doesn't_come_from_the _Apsaras! It comes from the second GM Sniper's
> long range beam rifle! Here's the explanation (that was my understanding

  Hey, isn't this the first time we've seen a _blue_ beam? Beam blasts in
Gundam seem to be usually yellowish or something. Is it possible that this
is actually a _laser_ weapon? It could explain the continuous beam as well
as the power-lifetime and range!

> as Shiro is about to deal a lethal beam saber blow to the damaged
> Apsaras, a GM Sniper keeps him from doing so because the Feds actually
> want to get it! That's why they used only GM Snipers and no one else,

  Ah, so the Feds are trying to _capture_ the Asparas intact, eh? Cool,
that makes sense... also, they should have been able to salvage it at the
end, after all, it's only got a damaged cockpit.

> That's what the Sniper does. It pierces the rear of the monster's head
> with its long range beam rifle and begins cutting through the thing and
> then fires again but at the knee pod.

  Cool! But I'm surprised the Asparas didn't loose it's cockpit when the
GM did that.

> > And where where all those happy Guerrila fighters during this battle
> Dunno, didn't see any of them but I think they were dealt with in
> previous episodes. I definitely have to get back 9 and 10.

  Maybe they all got vaped?

> > Cool! Just like a laser cutting beam or something, sweet!
> Exactly, that's a great idea but I can't remember seeing it before in
> any gundam show I've seen (but I haven't seen ZZ nor V).

  Like I said, I'm wondering if it really was a high-powered laser weapon
and not a beam weapon.

> > they can't seem to do it when they're shooting at Zakus though.
> I guess they can't because they don't have that badass long range beam
> rifle.

  Yeah, GO GMs! Kick Zeon butt!

> And in fact that "lighter" thing isn't that obvious on the lineart, I
> compared them with the regular Ground use GMs from MS encyclopedia and
> I'd say they're the same.

  I agree... they're simply recolors with a bigass gun!

> > Excellent! Badass beam rifles, probably even better than the original
> > Gundam's rifle, eh?
> I think so, that thing is called in fact a long range beam rifle and the
> GM is called Sniper in the anime but the liner notes call it a Ground
> use GM (but it's not written like for the other GM ground type) and I
> have pictures of it and its rifle.

  That's a BIG HONKING GUN! For Zeon-Blasting FUN!

He may not have class
He may not have fun,
But he'll bust ya' in the ass, with his big freakin' beam GUN!

Pretty fly-- for a non-gundam!

> > Heh heh heh... musta ran out of his medication.
> Yeah, mind you, the episode opens on his nose bleeding (I even think he

  Maybe he was watching the bathing-scene from episode 2 on his little
video monitor...

> > Definately sounds like it! But why the hell would a GM be carrying one
> > of THOSE around? Oh yeah, real useful buddy.
> Dunno, I guess the poor guy lost some bet and had to walk around
> carrying that thing, this is the *only* rational explanation I can think

  Heh... given how rational 8MST is at times that explanation actually
makes some twisted sense. Poor GM.

"Sheeet Captain! What am I supposed to do with this freakin' Ball on a
chain? We've got a giant Mobile Monster out there with the belly-button
lint cannon from HELL and all I got is a stupid spiked ball! Where am I
supposed to put this, eh? (Swing swing) What am I supposed to do with this
thing, bash him on the toes until he laughs to death?"

> At least, the snipers are closer to Kelgeren. As for their number, two
> Snipers are mentionned but I think it would be logical if we had a three
> pack again.

  Hm... yeah, makes sense, maybe #3 got nailed when the bellybuster gun
went off...

> > Yeah, what caused the fireball anyway? I'd expect a bunch of rocky
> > debris, nothing more.
> No, in fact, the explosion lasts for a few seconds and gives that
> fireball effect.

  Weird... there wasn't some kinda 'secret base' inside the mountain was

> > Ahh, I see... so the box-cover pic from the GFC never actually happens
> Those 2 Gouf FT fighting in mid air?

  Yep, firing the big gatlings...

> > I sure hope she realizes that falling 150feet straight down into a METAL
> > hand can't be too comfy!
> Yeah but after she's shot, she sustains at least a 15 feet fall into
> this same hand.

  Oh, if he could have been using Microsoft Windoze for Mobile Suits:

"Aina! My love! I shall catch you! Load Hand Driver, NOW!"
(EZ8 catches Aina)
"Now, I will bring you home! Hand program, retract!"
(Microsoft office assistant, a little dancing Haro ball appears)
"Damn you office assistant! Begone! Close!"
"Oh my god! I closed the Hand Driver and the hand closed! Augh! Damn you
Bill Gates!"

> > > > 4. Blast #4, Damages an already damaged arm on the EZ8 and cuts
> > Hrm... I see... kinda like a variable power beam cannon, eh?
> Actually, blast 4 was a mistake and came from that sniper (see above).
> But just after this, the Sniper is shot by a blue beam that must have
> come from the Apsaras and this one is thinner so I think that variable
> power theory is still consistent with what we have. The only matter is

  Now this is wierd, unless the other sniper started shooting the first
sniper... this is beginning to sound a little three-stooges-ish though.

> > Ah, so he sliced in and definately slayed Ginias, eh? Good!
> Yes, definitely great news, this one *can't* come back, or can he?
  Oh I hope not!

> > > I think that's the "I sink with my ship" part. This might be explained
> > Well, at least he's an honorable man!
> Yes, if my understanding is correct, he is.

  Good, finally, a respectable Fed official.

> > victory! Also, Eledore's flaming-love music CD, on sale now, from Bandai!"
> Hehe, I can picture it: Eledore's single saving Bandai from its
> financial problems.

  Heh heh heh... oh boy, I hope not, or the next Gundam series will be
"Gundam: Metallica Mutant Metal Musician Mayhem Madness" Featuring five
wacky gundams with giant metal guitars that transform into beam rifles.
Actually, after Turn-A I'd believe almost anything.

> > Hrrrmph... it will be the first time during the entire 8MST series..
> Yeah but the series was supposed to be about this, wasn't it?

  Yeah, but like most anime, the producers were too meek to bite the
bullet and go for 'grit'.

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