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> The fact of the matter is that there were far more 1YW Zakus than
>anything else, so even when the Zeons were producing Doms and Googs,
>probably the bulk of their pilots were still stuck with their old Zakus.

        I was under the impression that Krishna was holding a bunch of R/Dom
and doling them out to her people, and even then she didn't had a lot. What
were the production figures for Dom like?

>> Zeon was definitely disorganized. They had power struggles at the
> Not just that, but don't forget that Char was backstabbing them too, and
>their own internal shenannigans weren't helping things either. Zabi and
>Zeon were both rotten to the core. Even if they had beaten the Federation,
>the Zeon Empire would have imploded soon thereafter or split into warring

        Imagine a senario where the Zeon won the OYW, then disintergrates..
we'll have Krishna's New Type Unit on one side, with R/Doms and, maybe, just
maybe, a few MA. Then there's the original Zeon, with Gelgoogs and whatever
else they were designing.. Then you will have the remains of the EFSF, with
their Gundams and GMs, hitting and running, plus freebooters. Sounds like a
fun place to be. =)

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