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> Well, the Jions had the problem that they didn't bother 'phasing out'
>things while keeping them in action. They were always trying to come up
>with "The perfect ultimate weapon" MS, and in the end, had a collection of
>ragtag Zakus Doms and Gelgoogs and were chaotically (and stupidly)
>throwing them into the battle willy-nilly without any real structure or
>heirarchy. They were disorganized and desperate toward the end.

        Same trap the Germans fell into.. or maybe the Zaku's production
runs simply outnumber all their other suits, like the BF109 in WWII.
Moreover, some of the aces may be relunctant to give up their Zakus for a
relatively untested Dom or Gelgoog. After all, better the coffin you're used
to than a brand new one.. =)

        Zeon was definitely disorganized. They had power struggles at the
very top, with Amuro helpfully removing portions left, right and center. In
fact, how far apart are the Zavi sons'/ daughter's death? something in the
order of 3 months? This kind of power/ resource hogging doesn't really help
things, and of course certain units will be desperate to get good equipment.

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