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>> They WERE wining... until they let Revil loose. =)
> Actually, I tend to agree with the supply and maintenance theory.
>Considering all the stuff that Zeon had, and the types and modifications
>and all that, they were going for specialized warfare, and if it goes down

        I'm sure this subject has been beat to death here, but here goes: I
believe the Zeons never wanted to make the war last as long as the OYW.
Remember, they dropped a colony on Sydney, then shattered the EFSF fleet at
Ruum, and then was at the Antartica for a peace conference.. I think they
wanted a blitz campaign, quickly overwhelming the Feds before they can
muster all their forces to steamroll over Zeon. Of course, not planning for
such an eventuality is a BIIIGGG mistake, but then again, we are talking
about a bunch of idealists here. =) They relied on the only MS in active
service then, the Zaku, to secure victory, but as the war dragged on,
started to fool around with other designs to backstop the Zaku's weaknesses,
instead of refitting the existing Zakus, and that's where the logistics
start to screw up. Of course, Zeon may simply not have the resources to go
on much more, a fact Revil makes in his (in)famous "Zeon is Exhausted" speech.

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